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This web site exists through the generosity of its contributors.  Thanks to Jack Dostal ('59) and the Class of '59 for providing the template and the backbone for our site.  If you haven't visited the Class of '59's web site, treat yourself at





It is hoped that many more photographs and documents will be forthcoming.  In particular, the following areas need attention:


"Classmates" page - If you haven't sent in a "recent" photo, please do so.  Some of the pictures were taken at our 45 reunion in 2006.  Many pictures are missing.  Send a recent digital photograph to to replace your current picture or to fill the blank space where your picture should be.


Biographical information is needed on the "Classmates" page.  The personal data is derived from your questionnaire.   Links to biographies which will also appear in The Pollen Count are included under the data.  If you would like to replace or revise your current biography or personal information, please send us an update.


"Classroom Photos" page - We are pleased to have a number of classroom pictures, but if you have one you don't see by all means send it to Nancy (Carter) Trantum or email it our reunion address.  (See the "About" page for information on scanning photographs.)


"Memorabilia" page - This is a wide open area, and anything goes.  If you have pictures from the past that are related to our collective school experience and you think they may interest your classmates, send them in.  What we need most are pictures from graduation and the graduation parties, The Splurge, and photos taken over the years from around the school.


"Past Events" page - Got any pictures from past reunions (any year)?  They should be here.