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This list includes classmates and others who were closely connected with our class but may not have graduated with us.   Clicking on an individual name will jump you to information on that particular classmate - or just scroll down the page and view each classmate alphabetically.  For ease of searching we used the classmate's name at the time of graduation.  Click here to download class roster.


Acker, Bert
Amos, Dick
Baginski, Stan
Baudo, Sandy
Below, Jane
Billetter, Lynda
Bjurstrom, Sherrie
Born, Tom
Bourne, Meredith
Bream, Judy
Broker, Sam
Carter, Nancy
Chapman, Diane
Ciresi, Rosemary
Claire, Jim
Comstock, Craig
Cowden, Bette
Cummings, Bill
Daubenspeck, Laird
DiMarko, Wally
Dostal, Bob
Doyne, Dick
Elster, Ted
Evert, Bob
Fabbeo, Joyce
Farrar, Bruce
Franks, Carolyn
Gauntner, Bob
Giere, Roger
Girard, Carol
Gluntz, Judy
Guthrie, Susann
Haendiges, Helyn
Halter, Frank
Henneman, Linda
Hennis, Bob
Hinkey, Don
Hobart, Sharon
Hobart, Susan
Holloway, Bill
House, Carolyn
Huffman, Dave
Humphrey, Jim
Jackman, John
Janiak, Bruce
Jenkins, Luther
Jesionowski, Tom
Johnson, Bernard
Junglas, Jackie
Kacmarcik, Gene
Kahoun, Eloise
Kalista, Joanne
Keller, Margie
Kleps, Rob
Klodnick, Tim
Knapper, Chuck
Knox, Steve
Kohler, Fred
Kopf, Chuck
Kostel, George
Kubala, Joanne
Leventry, Margaret
Lewis, Kay
Lid, Rosemary
Lister, Tony
Lombardo, Sam
Long, Theresa
Lukaszewski, Hank
Mann, Art
Martin, Jim
Matsuoka, Arlene
McAllister, Mary
McCloskey, Vic
McHugh, Rush
Metz, Laureen
Meyers, Janet
Miller, Art
Miller, Sharon
Miller, Bill
Mlod, Denis
Morris, Jim
Morrison, Alec
Mullaney, June
Musolf, Bill
Newman, Gayle
Nicoletti, Rosanna
O'Braitis, Dennis
Ondrey, Barbara
Pate, Jack
Pekar, Joyce
Pilarczyk, Kathy
Polak, Bob
Polgar, Mary Lou
Popowski, Howard
Priehn, Gerda
Reardon, Mary Lu
Rickmers, Nancy
Russell, Barb
Sahley, Dave
Samson, Joan
Sanco, Julie
Scharff, Dick
Schmid, Susan
Schroeder, Joanne
Schwarz, Jim
Senft, Kathie
Sherick, Dan
Slifko, Charlotte
Smith, Ada
Soucek, Carolyn
Spieth, Tim
Stolarski, John

Street, Jill
Strelow, Dave
Svoboda, Bob
Tamboise, Annick
Towner, Kris
Treadon, Linda
Vallance, Diane
Valvoda, Pat
Van Belleghem, Karen
Vlasak, Joanne
Vyrostek, Lewis
Watts, Judy
Weglarz, Julian
Westhead, Sandy
Whitney, Mike
Wilson, Judy
Winter, Cindy
Wolfarth, Sandy
Womer, Jim
Wood, Karen
Yarian, Pat
Zalinski, Tony
Zanetic, Niki
Zeal, Larry
Zwolinski, Sue

Bert Acker

Classmate: Bert Acker

Residence: Sebring, Florida

Spouse: Kathy (Married 41 years)

Children: 3

Grandchildren: 5

Great Grandchildren: 1 (soon to be 2)

Community: Enjoy helping around the community, especially delivering Meals on Wheels.


Click here to view Bert's Biography

Dick Amos

Classmate: Dick Amos

Residence: Medina, Ohio

Spouse: Joyce (Married 45 years)

Children: 3 Daughters (Ages 41, 38, 35)

Grandchildren: 5 (Ages 12, 7, 7, 6, 4)

Community: President and treasurer of Forest Meadows Lake-Park Association.  Faith in action volunteer (United Way).

Interests: Reading, Travel - Galapagos Island and Italy most recently.

Click here to view Dick's Biography

Stan Baginski

Classmate: Stan Baginski


Stan passed away on December 22, 2007.


BaginskiS-R.jpg (19620 bytes)

Although Stan sadly passed away in December of 2007, we are including his picture (shown above) taken at our 45th Class Reunion.

Sandra Baudo

Classmate: Sandra (Baudo) Pisaneschi

Residence: Brooklyn Heights, Ohio

Spouse: Daniel (Married 45 years)

Children: 3 - Regina (44), Lisa (42), Dan Jr. (38)

Grandchildren: 13 - (Ages 20 down to 3)

Hobbies: We travel to Las Vegas often.  We own 3 classic custom cars and show them.  I enjoy reading, ceramics, crocheting, and karaoke.

Something out of the ordinary: Stayed married for 45 years.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Heinemann

High school memory: Singing in the advanced choir and eating lunches at the Cottage Restaurant.

Click here to view Sandy's Biography


BaudoS-R.jpg (18893 bytes)


Jane Below

Classmate: Jane (Below) Stevens

Residence: Dalton, Pennsylvania






Click here to view Jane's Biography


Lynda Billetter

Classmate: Lynda (Billetter) Dixon


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Sherrie Bjurstrom

Classmate: Sherrie Bjurstrom

DECEASED 10-2-12

Sherrie died on October 27, 2012, as a result of a tragic auto accident.  Her historical information below is left as a tribute to her.


Children: 3 - Kirsten (28), Taylor (25), Jordan (23)

Grandchildren: 2 - Jacob (10), Samantha (4)

Community: My work is my civic and community involvement.  Because I work with exceptional children, I am actively involved with them, their community, and their families.   Those relationships keep me plenty busy.  I have received a few teacher awards, but my greatest reward is seeing a child's eyes light up with the joy of newfound accomplishments.

Hobbies: Anything of an artistic endeavor. Sewing, quilting, painting, throwing pottery, weaving, creating batiks, photography, collage, scrapbooking, and even making baskets.  I also enjoy gardening in the summer, traveling, cooking, baking (I love foodtv and Anthony Bourdain), and reading.

Something out of the ordinary: I adopted a three-year old girl who came from serious neglect and possible abuse.  Both her parents were alcoholics.  She was not easy to raise, but she has become a wonderful mother.  She is finishing up her teaching degree, and she thinks her mother is her best friend.

Most inspiring teachers:  Mr. Mercer made school interesting, but Miss Fitting taught me the joys of literature.  Although she terrorized me, she taught me how to write and was a great teacher.  I can still hear her voice reading Chaucer aloud.  She would be shocked to find out I am teaching reading and language arts.

High school memory: My fondest memories of high school revolve around being one of the girls in the Matsuoka household.  I loved lounging in their living room listening to Arlene practice the piano.  Arlene is in the piano department at Brown University now.

Click here to view Sherrie's Biography


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Tom Born

Classmate: Tom Born

Residence: Sherwood, Ohio

Spouse: Evelyn (Married 35 years)

Children: 3 - Daughter (33)
                  Sons (28) and (25)

Grandchildren: 2 - Grandson (3-1/2), Granddaughter
                    (6 months)

Community: President of local photography group and member of Defiance Society of Artists.

Interests: My interests include all that is art. I am a potter, printmaker, draughtsman, and a reasonably good painter and at times a passable watercolorist. I have done some story writing and am getting a book together of my short stories and photographs. I have another manuscript containing photographs with short commentaries on each as well as yet another manuscript I have illustrated with my photos that I have been working on with a writer. I am also interested in firearms and shooting, astronomy, science, and most of all, photography

Most inspiring teachers: Two teachers come to mind from my high school experience. Mr. Beckerís junior high shop class and the high school mechanical drawing class stand out as being enjoyable and important to me. I should have also taken a few years of high school art while I was at it! The second teacher was Miss Fitting.  Creative writing was very valuable. She was an inspiring teacher!

High school memory: My really memorable memories of high school days did not take place during the school day but rather after school was out. I remember the dances, Mr. Tuckerís Christmas programs, working on stage crew, and the really great guys and girls at the high school

Click here to view Tom's Biography


Meredith Bourne

Classmate: Meredith (Bourne) Giere

Residence: Brecksville, Ohio

Children: 2 (Brant and Stacey)

Community: Participated in two Presidential inaugural parades riding with the International Side Saddle Association with my daughter Stacey. The day of the parade we were in the saddle from 6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Interests: My horses have always dominated my life in a good way. This afforded me the opportunity to travel and meet interesting people.

Something out of the ordinary: Almost everything I've done is out of the ordinary. I like it that way.

Most inspiring teacher: Nancianne Martin was a wonderful inspiring teacher. I still marvel that she ran down to the athletic field 9 times a day when most of us thought once was exhausting.

High school memory: I have many wonderful memories on our farm as I was growing up and going through school. I would appreciate it if other classmates would share their memories of their experiences on the Bourne farm.

Click here to view Meredith's Biography


BourneM-R.jpg (19722 bytes)


Judy Bream

Classmate: Judy Bream


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Sam Broker

Classmate: Sam Broker

Residence: Sandusky, Ohio

Children: 3 Daughters (Ages 47, 43, 30)

Grandchildren: 2 (Sammy (Age 4), Sophia (Age 2)

Interests: Boating and beer drinking at the Lake Erie Islands.

Something out of the ordinary:  Physically built my own retirement home - took only 15 years.

High school memory: Driving around in my '53 Ford.

Click here to view Sam's Biography


BrokerS-R.jpg (20478 bytes)


Nancy Carter

Classmate: Nancy (Carter) Trantum

Residence: Lansing, Michigan

Spouse: Tom (Married 42 years)

Children: 2, Grandchildren 1

Occupation: Administrative Asst. in Business College

Hobbies: Travel - Europe 8 times, lived and worked in Switzerland for 3 months.  Traveled to all 50 states plus Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Argentina.  Other interests include card-making, cake decorating, photography, and driving sports cars.

Something out of ordinary: When my daughter was shooting her master's thesis film, I fed the crew of approximately 30 people, feeding them three meals a day for 7 days using only a microwave oven, electric frying pan, and portable cooler and hauling meals from an oven 10 miles from the site in Chicago--all during the week of 9/11.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Mercer's history classes were quite inspiring because of his travels and thought provoking style.

Memorable Events: Breaking my ankle playing soccer in gym class and hobbling around on crutches.

Click here to view Nancy's Biography

CarterN-R.jpg (16695 bytes)


NoPicture.jpg (4399 bytes)

Diane Chapman

Classmate: Diane (Chapman) Soueidan

Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

NoPicture.jpg (4399 bytes)

Rosemary Ciresi

Rosemary attended Brecksville schools from kindergarten through eighth grade then transferred to finish high school at Lourdes Academy.

Classmate: Rosemary (Ciresi) Koral

Location: Brecksville, Ohio

Spouse: Timothy (Married 45 years)

Children: 4 Daughters (Ages 42, 40, 38, and 33)

Grandchildren: 5 - One granddaughter (10), and four grandsons (Ages 9, 5, 22 months and 1 month)

Community: For several years I was involved in local and state politics with my husband. I was also fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom while my girls were growing up. I was able to participate in several parental activities with their school such as PTA, room mother, etc. Also involved with their Brownie and Girl scouts troops. Helped with the school program testing the children for eye problems including amblyopia. I worked closely with the Society for the Blind for several years as a result of this program. For the last 11 years I have been the Team Captain at Ernst & Young for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Interests: Appreciation of modern art work, visiting museums, Galleries, etc., gardening, renovations on my home and going to my grandchildren's basketball, volleyball and football games. I Love to travel. Needless to say our trip to Tahiti was quite memorable. We have travelled throughout the US but our family vacations are the best. Our family has spent the last several years at Hilton Head which everyone seems to enjoy the most.

Accomplishments: I think raising four daughters, dealing with their boyfriends, and being extremely pleased they all received college degrees. I went back to work in 1987 after 20 some years, and after my kids were will on their way. I first went to work at Equifax for 6 years as an investigator then was recruited to Ernst & Young in 1993, handling various investigations for the US firm. Almost 18 years later I am still at E&Y.

Something out of the ordinary: I went after a pick pocket in downtown Cleveland. This undesirable guy picked my wallet right from my purse in front of the Euclid Arcade. I felt his hand reach in to my purse and then took off running. I chased after him, right across Euclid Avenue. I didn't even look to see if any cars were coming. Fortunately none were close enough to do any harm. I yelled at him and he stopped right in the middle of Euclid Avenue. I grabbed his arm and said "You son of a b.... drop my wallet." Surprisingly, he did. He then took off running towards East 4th with his accomplice. Afterwards I thought of the consequences, but I was so mad..........

Most inspiring teacher: I left the Brecksville school system after the 8th grade since my parents wanted both my brother and I to attend Catholic high schools. However, I had wonderful nuns and lay teachers at Lourdes Academy and credit them with giving me the support and encouragement I needed which has stayed with me throughout my life. I will say my English and Art teachers at Lourdes Academy HS were my biggest supporters in HS. I was the editor of our senior year year-book thanks to my English teacher. It probably helped that I had a car in High school so I could drive to various HS functions to take pictures for the yearbook. My Art teacher let me be quite creative and accepted some of my crazy projects but as a result I was chosen to have my picture in the Sunday Plain Dealer showing me working on a silk screen and an article to go with it. How special was that!!! Back then I thought that was a big deal!

High school memory: Although I didn't attend BHS, I did spend a lot of week-ends and school vacations with my friends at Brecksville. I have a ton of memories from not only the HS years but from grade school and junior high as well. Too many to mention here...

Click here to view Rosemary's Biography


Jim Claire

Classmate: Jim Claire

Residence: Hornell, New York

Spouse: Sharon (Married 15 years)

Children: 2 daughters, 1 step son, Grandchildren: 5

Occupation: Started out in automotive manufacturing, followed by 30 years in locomotive and transit car overhaul and manufacturing.

Hobbies: Antique automobiles, outdoor activities, enjoying grandchildren, participated in the CVS Cleveland 10K run in 2002.

Organizations: Antique Automobile Club of America, Hornell Relay for Life.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Vargo, who taught us to plan for ourselves by letting us go at our own speed in geometry class (I’m still preparing for the last test) and treated us like family, inviting us to his home for a BBQ; Miss Fitting who taught us proper English which helped immensely during my working career.

Something out of the ordinary: The wanderlust in Jim had him move across the country several times, going from Brunswick, Ohio to Boise, Idaho in 1974; from Boise to Hornell, NY in 1983; from Hornell to Antioch, CA in 1994 and back to Hornell in 2001.

Click here to view Jim's Family Picture

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clairj-r.jpg (39270 bytes)


Craig Comstock

Classmate: Craig Comstock

Residence: Strongsville, Ohio

Spouse: Jean

Children: 1 son (37), 1 daughter (32)

Grandchildren: 1 grandson (4 years old)

Community: Volunteer weekly at Brookside Food Pantry (by the Cleveland Zoo), church volunteer, and Habitat several times a month.

Hobbies: Boating, traveling, gardening, donating my time.

Most inspiring teachers: Too many to list.

High school memory: Working on the Bee float for homecoming.

Click here to view Craig's Biography

ComstockC-R.jpg (20173 bytes)


Bette Cowden

Classmate: Bette (Cowden) Petrides

Residence: West Bethesda, Maryland

Spouse: George (Married 46 years)

Children: 1 Son (40)

Grandchildren: 3 Granddaughters (Ages 12, 8, and 2)

Community: Civic activist, environment and community affairs. Founded Citizens for a Better Bethesda, board member of several local environmental organizations; have served on governmental committees related to those listed.

Hobbies: reading, writing.  Interests: Grandkids, students, animals, nature. Travel: Africa, Asian rim countries, Australia, Caribbean, Europe. Accomplishments: I was instrumental in creating a local park, influenced environmental legislation at the state and local level, published articles and a few short stories.

Something out of the ordinary: My husband and I were Peace Corps Volunteers in Biafra, where war was imminent. We and another Peace Corps couple only learned of the evacuation of all Americans after it had occurred. In a few hours, we dispersed our possessions to Nigerian neighbors, then raced for the coast. We reached the last departing ship as the gang plank was being raised. We lost all we owned, except for the Biafran friends who survived the war.

Most inspiring teachers: Mrs. Bailey because she taught me to speak in public, a skill I've used most of my life and taught to others as well. Mr. Mercer because he encouraged curiosity about the world and translated history into enthralling stories about people and places that have stayed with me and influenced my career choices.

High school memory: Mr. Mercer demonstrating a six-foot sword from the 1700s, describing from its characteristics the man who must have owned it. Mr. Tucker exploding in orchestra rehearsal and the realization during one of the concerts we played in that the high school orchestra had some amazingly talented musicians, disciplined largely through his efforts.

Click here to view Bette's Biography


Bill Cummings

Classmate: Bill Cummings

Residence: Richfield, Ohio

Spouse: Barbara (Married 46 years)

Children: 2 Daughters (Ages 40 & 38)

Grandchildren: 1 Granddaughter (Age 5)

Community: Volunteer on Cuyahoga Valley Railroad.

Hobbies: Volleyball and swimming.

Travel: Many trips to Florida, Arizona, and Las Vegas.  Also visited most of the rest of the U. S.

Something out of the ordinary: Through my travel agency for the month of June 2008, I was recognized for sending more people to Las Vegas than any other travel agency in the U. S.


Click here to view Bill's Biography

CummingsB-RCR.jpg (23222 bytes)


Laird Daubenspeck

Classmate: Laird Daubenspeck


Laird passed away on December 12, 2007.

Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Wally DiMarko

Classmate: Wally DiMarko

Residence: Pinecrest, Florida (south of Coral Gables)

Spouse: Judy (Married 44 years)

Community: President of the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame and active with the Presbyterian Church in America.

Hobbies: Shooting fishing watching football, baseball, and basketball.

Accomplishments: Vice President Dade County Young Republicans, President of the Miami-Dade Council for the Social Studies, State Board member for the Florida Council of Social Studies, Teacher of the Year three times at Miami Sunset Senior High. Member of Iron Arrow, the highest honor attained at the University of Miami.

Something out of the ordinary: Survived 35 years of high school teaching and 5 years of college teaching and supervision.  Having been adopted, discovered that I have an older sister who is 5 years older than I am, is a nun, who still teaches computer skills at Beaumont High School for girls in the Cleveland area.

Most inspiring teachers: John Tucker and Mr. "Nick."  Mr. Tucker because of his tireless work ethic i.e. he was involved in so many community activities, and Mr. "Nick" because I modeled my teaching style after him.

High school memory: The best years of my life!  The Riverview/Chippewa Road gang of friends were great.

Click here to view picture of Wally at U of M Party

Click here to view Wally's Biography

DiMarkoW-R.jpg (36464 bytes)


Bob Dostal

Classmate: Bob Dostal

Residence: Kernersville, North Carolina

Spouse: Jean (Married 44 years)

Children: 1 Susan (41); Grandchildren: 2 (Ages 10, 7)

Organizations: Bob is active in the Winston-Salem Tennis Association and helps with running local tennis tournaments.

Hobbies: Tennis, hiking, biking, photography.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Becker, Miss Heinemann, Mr. Nicoletti, Mr. Wisnieski, Mr. Vargo, Mr. Mercer, Mr. Vadini, Mr. Beck.

Something out of the ordinary: I dropped out of college my sophomore year and traveled around the country with my brother Jack.  We lived in Miami, Florida, Gunnison, Colorado, and Las Vegas, Nevada.  After one year I returned to Wake Forest to finish my degree.

Click here to view Bob's Biography


DostalB-R.jpg (20546 bytes)


Dick Doyne

Classmate: Dick Doyne

Residence: Gastonia, North Carolina

Spouse: Barbara (Married 42 years)

Children: 2, Grandchildren: 1

Organizations: Rotary Club

Hobbies: Sailboat racing

Something out of the ordinary: Dick traveled to 75 different countries.  He spent 10 weeks in China just after it was opened to the west and was part of the first U. S. trade mission to China.

Click here to view Dick's Biography

Ted Elster

Classmate: Ted Elster

Residence: Brecksville, Ohio

Spouse: Kathy Werner ('62) (Married 47 years)

Children: 2 - Kristy (44) and Shelly (43)

Grandchildren: 1 - Emily (11) BBHHS Class of 2017

Community: American Red Cross Disaster Services Volunteer, RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services), AREC (Amateur Radio Emergency Corps).

Interests: Co-founder of CARS (Cuyahoga Amateur Radio Society), Amateur Radio Extra Class K8PXR, general radio telephone license.

Something out of the ordinary: U. S. Patent 2001 micron resolution Displacement & Force Transducer, designed radio telemetry for the Total Artificial Heart Project, designed instrumentation for Physio Kinetic Brain Imaging (MRI), designed instruments used by NASA to measure bone loss in 0 gravity.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Cummings and Mr. Pastor demonstrated the ability of "Experimental Method" to find answers.  This lead to an infatuation with science and my career in research.

High school memory: Experimenting with how much water cold be fed into the gas line for the Bunsen burners in the chemistry lab.

Click here to view Ted's Biography

Bob Evert

Classmate: Bob Evert

Residence: Brecksville, Ohio

Bob is dedicated to his job of 44 years with the Cuyahoga County Engineers.

Something out of the ordinary: Bob had perfect attendance for all 13 years he was a student at Brecksville (Kindergarten through 12th grade).

High school memory: Playing football with my buddies.




Click here to view Bob's Biography

EvertB-R.jpg (39908 bytes)


Joyce Fabbeo

Classmate: Joyce (Fabbeo) English

Residence: Raleigh, North Carolina

Spouse: Jeff (Married 14 years)

Children: 2 - Kristen (42), Melinda (37)

Grandchildren: 2 - Two girls ages 15 and 14.

Community: Since moving to Raleigh, I have served on the Board of my Homeowners Association and am a volunteer with the Literacy Council of Raleigh.

Hobbies: I have a fondness for antiques and a household of them.  My love for the "Old" has swayed us to travel to Europe four times visiting Bavaria Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Sicily always seeking remote areas away from the tourist regions.

Something out of the ordinary: Through researching my family heritage in Sicily, I was fortunate to find a second family that was unknown to everyone.  We visited with my aunt and many cousins; and even though they did not speak each other's language, we were able to communicate through gestures and a translation book.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Nicoletti and Mr. Mercer gave learning government and history a perspective which made it enjoyable and memorable thereby expanding my curiosity and keeping my interest in both while wanting to learn more.  Also, I will always remember Miss Martin.  To this day I breathe through my nose and out my mouth when running as this was pounded into us as we ran from the central school to the athletic field!

High school memory: My fondest memories consist of pajama parties in my barn and Janet Meyers' cabin and playing "spin the bottle" with boys who would sneak in.  We thought our parents did not know of the "Invaders," but as usual they were wiser than we thought.

Click here to view Joyce's Biography

Fabbeo-R.jpg (60515 bytes)


Bruce Farrar

Classmate: Bruce Farrar

Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Carolyn Franks

Classmate: Carolyn (Franks) Reitenbach

Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Children: 2 Sons (Ages 43 and 38)

Grandchildren: 1 (Age 11)





Click here to view Carolyn's Biography

Bob Gauntner

Classmate: Bob Gauntner

Residence: Coto de Caza, California

Spouse: Barbara (Rogge) (Married 43 years)

Children: 2 - Stephanie (36) and Ryan (34)

Grandchildren: 3 (Ages 2, 4, 15)

Community: Served on Board of Orange County California Cancer Society, chaired "Run for Life" cancer support, on board of the "Cattle Baron's Ball" cancer research fund, chaired muscular dystrophy research fund golf tournament.

Interests: Golf, tennis, biking, walking, traveling in U. S. and Europe.  Goal is to play the top 100 golf courses in the world.

Something out of the ordinary: Served in the U. S. Marine Corps as a pilot for 11 years and in Vietnam in 1968.  Hold a commercial pilot certificate while flying multi-engine aircraft and helicopters.  Won the Private Club Corp. International Golf Tournament held at Pinehurst Country Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Most inspiring teacher: I can't remember a teacher I didn't like and appreciate for the guidance they provided me.  The teachers who stand out for pushing me to reach my potential were Joe Vadini (football), Jerry Becker (basketball), and Jack Mercer (track).  They encouraged me everyday to work harder to reach the next level of competition and never quit.  Those lessens in the classroom and on the practice field served me well in college, the military and business. I want to say thank you to all my teachers, and I'm always proud to say I attended Brecksville High.

High school memory: There were many memorable events, but the most memorable were those spent making new friends and establishing long-term relationships.  The pep rallies, football and basketball games and the trips to "Turfs" for a burger were special times on Friday nights.

Click here to view Bob's pictures

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Roger Giere

Classmate:  Roger Giere


Roger passed away on November 13, 2008.

Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Carol Girard

Classmate: Carol (Girard) Kopf

Residence: Sagamore Hills, Ohio

Spouse: Terry Kopf ('60) (Married 44 years)

Children: 2 - Melissa (44), Michael (39)

Grandchildren: 2 - Jordan (12), Grace (10)

Community: Emerald Necklace Garden Club - Past President, worked with Community Meals Program at St. Barnabas Church.

Hobbies: Painting, gardening, traveling, and reading.  I love entertaining and attending the theater.

Something out of the ordinary: Was named one of the most interesting people by Cleveland Magazine.

Most inspiring teachers: Mrs. Rolfe - she would read to us 1/2 hour before recess.  She completed the entire
book Black Stallion, and she turned me on to reading. Also Mrs. Leventry - She assisted me in finding a nursing school as well as developing a letter requested for the application.

Click here to view Carol's Biography



Judy Glunz

Classmate: Judy (Glunz) Rumes

Susan Guthrie

Classmate: Susann (Guthrie) Christian

Residence: Lakewood, Ohio

Spouse: Charles (Married 49 years)

Children: 3 Daughters (Lynn, Wendy, Erica)

Grandchildren: 9

Great Grandchildren: 5

Community: Co-leader in Junior and Cadette Girl Scout Troops and Director of Girl Scouts Day Camp while our daughters and granddaughters were active in scouts. Cub Scout Webelos leader for 5 years helping our grandsons earn the Arrow of Flight.

Hobbies: Sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking.  This year I made blackberry, elderberry, peach, and black cherry jam.

Something out of the ordinary: I traveled with the Girl Scout Troop to Arizona, Florida, and Maine.  Great trips!

Most inspiring teacher: Mrs. Rice gave me a wonderful basis for all my baking, canning, preserves, sewing, and other crafts.

High school memory: It was fun being in the marching band and going to the football games.

Click here to view Susann's Biography


Helyn Haendiges

Classmate: Helyn (Haendiges) McManus

Residence: Winter Park, Florida

Frank Halter

Classmate:  Frank Halter

Residence:  Wakefield, Rhode Island

Linda Henneman

Classmate: Linda (Henneman) Smiley

Residence: Brecksville, Ohio

Spouse: Raymond (48 years)

Children: 3 Daughters (Ages 46, 43, 34)

Grandchildren: 7 (Ages 18, 15, 15, 12, 8, 5, 6 months)




Click here to view Linda's Biography

Bob Hennis

Classmate: Bob Hennis

Residence: Lake Havasu, Arizona

Children: 2 - Son (40), Daughter (30)

Grandchildren: 4 - Ages 3, 2, 1, 1

Community: Federal Disaster Team Commander District 9. Death investigator Mohave County Medical Examiner.

Hobbies: Golf, fishing, boating, work.

Something out of the ordinary.  Working on disaster projects.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Becker - he understood kids and cared about them.  Kids could go to him for good advice.

High school memory: Sports and dances.

Click here to view Bob's Biography

Don Hinkey

Classmate: Don Hinkey

Residence: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Spouse: Patty (Married 44 years)

Children: 3 - Chris (40), Brett (36), Brian (32)

Grandchildren: 4 - Alexandra (9), Zoe (7), Sydney (6), Reagan (2)

Community: Cub Master, Western Reserve YMCA soccer coach, Board member Wyoga Lake Homeowners Association, Treasurer Stow Soccer Association, Redeemer Lutheran Church Elder and President of North Ohio Technical Writers Association.

Hobbies: Woodworking, home remodeling, camping, attending the Cleveland Orchestra summer concerts at Blossom and enjoy live theatre.

Something out of the ordinary: Rebuilt 3 homes.

Most inspiring teacher: Dorothy Bailey taught and encouraged me to be more than I ever thought possible!

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HinkeyD-R.jpg (10520 bytes)


Sharon  Hobart

Classmate: Sharon (Hobart) Zilli

Residence: North Olmsted, Ohio

Spouse: Harry (Married 36 years)

No Children

Occupation (when working): Operating Room Nurse and Supervisor.

Activities: Pet therapy with Poppy the Pug at Fairfiew Hospital and Kemper House. Pet therapy for reading at Normandy Elementary School.

Hobbies: Quilting (working in a quilt shop for 11 years), gardening, traveling with my husband who scuba dives, cruises to various places.

Something out of the ordinary: Art of Caring award in 2009 for community service.

High school memory: Many friendships.

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HobartSharon-R.jpg (18747 bytes)


Susan Hobart

Classmate: Susan (Hobart) Salisbury

Residence: Brecksville, Ohio

Spouse: Donald (Married 12 years)

Children: 2 (Ages 40 & 42), Grandchildren:  2 (Ages 7 & 10)

Organizations: Mentor at Chippewa Elementary School in Brecksville for 10 years.  Stephen Ministry Leader and Minister.

Hobbies: Quilting, reading, cruises, our condo in Tennessee, travel to England, Cayman Islands, Tortola, and various other areas.

Something out of the ordinary: When my first husband passed away, I had to deal with the challenges of doing things myself.  I grew as a person, mother, sister, daughter, and finally grandmother. Accompanied by only my little yorkie, I flew to Washington State by myself followed by a 2-hour drive to Whidbey Island to visit my daughter and grand children. I subsequently took on driving trips to Washington, D. C. and Cincinnati again to visit my daughters and grand children.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Nicoletti.  A great teacher who taught us government and also about life.

High school memory: Putting on the senior play and playing the piano for the choir.

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HobartSusan-R.jpg (40720 bytes)


Bill Holloway

Classmate: Bill Holloway

Residence: Newark, Ohio

Spouse: Jane (Married 43 years)

Children: 2, Grandchildren 4

Organizations: President, Family Services Association, Elder; Granville First Presbyterian Church; Rotary Club; Granville Historical Society, College Distinguished Volunteer.

Hobbies and Interests: Running and maintaining Camp Missing Moose in Stoddard, New Hampshire. Photography of nature and especially wild orchids.  Hunting rare wild flowers in the Midwest and in New England.

Something out of the ordinary: Stood with Russian friends on the steps of the Russian Parliament Building three months after the revolution of August, 1991.  Traveled to Moscow several times assisting Special English School 1205.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Vargo who taught us discipline and responsibility.

High school memory: Sprinting to the finish line with Laird Daubenspeck for the final 200 yards of the last cross country meet of the season.  We passed so many other runners Brecksville finished 3rd in the county.

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HollowayB-R.jpg (15903 bytes)


Carolyn House

Classmate: Carolyn (House) Drake

Residence: Talbott, Tennessee

Dave Huffman

Classmate: Dave Huffman

Whereabouts Unknown

Jim Humphrey

Classmate: Jim Humphrey


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


John Jackman

Classmate: John Jackman

Residence: Sagamore Hills, Ohio

JackmanJ-R.jpg (22549 bytes)


Bruce Janiak

Classmate: Bruce Janiak

Residence: Augusta, Georgia

Spouse: Michele (Married 38 years)

Children: 14 (Ages 42, 41, 34, 27, 27, 26, 22, 21, 21, 19, 19, 18, 18, and 17)

UPDATE 2016 - Grandchildren: 14

Hobbies: Fishing, teaching, jogging, learning Spanish, and trying to get the last of the kids out of the house.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Bruening (Latin).  He told me I would never amount to anything.  What better inspiration could you ask for?

High School memory:   Helping write the senior musical.

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JaniakB-R.jpg (11438 bytes)


Luther Jenkins

Classmate: Luther Jenkins


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Tom Jesionowski

Classmate: Tom Jesionowski

Residence: Brecksville, Ohio

Bernard Johnson

Classmate: Bernard Johnson

Residence: Fort Myers, Florida

Spouse: Widowed (Married 42 years)

Children: 2 - Jay and Michelle

Grandchildren: 3 - Ages 7, 5, and 2

Community: President of CWRU Law School Alumni, Co-Chair United Jewish Appeal, President of Chamber of Commerce, Worked for a U. S. Senator.

Accomplishments: Made it to this age.  Healthy, optimistic, and still working.  I've traveled over 3 million air miles since they kept track around 1982.

Hobbies: Deep sea fishing and reading.

Most inspiring teacher: Mrs. Virginia Buerki. She lived next door, and I could talk to her.

High school memories: Too many. Will add to this part later.

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JohnsonB-CRC.jpg (12541 bytes)


Jackie Junglas

Classmate: Jackie (Junglas) Hartzell

Residence: Harrison, Arkansas

Spouse: Darvin (Married 25 years)

Children: 2 daughters (Ages 47 and 37)

Grandchildren: 1 (Age 16)


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JunglasJ-R.jpg (20447 bytes)


Gene Kacmarcik

Classmate: Gene Kacmarcik

Residence: Libertyville, Illinois

Spouse: Deborah (Married 38 years)

Children: 2 (Ages 29 and 36)

Hobbies: Gardening, remodeling, and restoring a '29 Model A as a retirement project.

Something out of the ordinary: Married for 38 years.

High school memory: Playing ping-pong on the old high school stage at lunch time.  Also, walking through the corn field and woods across from the new high school and getting home before the bus.


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Eloise Kahoun

(Although Eloise did not graduate from Brecksville, we consider her part of our class from her early years in Brecksville and Wallings Road.  This picture is from her senior year in Nursing School.)

Classmate: Eloise (Kahoun) Bradford

Residence: Belloit, Ohio

Spouse: Fred (Married 46 years)

Children: 4 - All sons (Ages 45, 43, 41, and 35)

Grandchildren: 9 (Ages 13, 12, 12, 10, 10, 10, 9, 6, 1)

Community: Board member Alliance Historical Society. Eucharistic Minister at our church, scouts, son's sports programs, volunteer for elementary schools horticulture program at our college sponsored nature center.

Interests: Avid reader, gardening, restoring collectibles/antiques, member of garden women's club, received state award for restoration of local historic home, landscaping, community concert organization.  Also traveling to interesting cities and ports and visiting family in Florida and Texas.

Something out of the ordinary: Able to get into dress-rehearsal concert in Hawaii to see Elvis Presley.  Also, I was a "girl Friday" to a pathologist for 3 years (very interesting).

High school memory: Our family was the only Catholics in the small rural area.  On Fridays we did not eat meat, but as a cheerleader I rode the bus with the teams for away games.  We would stop on the way home at a restaurant and the coach would order 30 or more hamburgers and one fish sandwich for me.

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KahounE-R.jpg (39380 bytes)





Joanne Kalista

Classmate: Joanne (Kalista) Voss


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Margie Keller

Classmate: Margie (Keller) Collins

Residence: Glendale, Arizona

Spouse: Royer (Married 34 years)

Children: 2 Daughters ages 47 and 45

Grandchildren: 4 (Ages 24, ,20, 14, 14

Community: Alliance Officer, Maricopa County Medical Society; Veterans Committee Chair, Daughters of the American Revolution; Assistant Editor Newsletter, Palo Verde Republican Women; Co-Editor local magazine The Latest.

Hobbies and Interests: Aerobics, literary group, opera, symphony, local Broadway theater, tennis, golf, travel - U.S., Europe, South America, Australia.

Something out of the ordinary: Sang professionally with rock band; taught aerobics; danced the Can Can in Broadway variety show charity event in Wenatchee, Washington; sang in the chorus of the opera Elixir of Love performed at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

High school memory: Being head majorette and playing Zelda Cantrell in the play Zelda. (see memorabilia page)

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KellerM-R.jpg (19307 bytes)


Rob Kleps

Classmate: Rob Kleps

Residence: Oak Park, Illinois

Spouse: Eileen (Married 35 years)

Children: 3 sons (Ages 30, 27, 23)

Grandchildren: 1

Community: Mentor for two high school students in my lab each year. Working at our annual book fair making cut down boxes. In fifteen years I've had two of my students get advanced degrees in boxology. Working for the Oak Park Democratic Party

Interests: Reading about science and history, biking, hiking, singing in our church choir, photography. In July 2010 attended my son's wedding in India.

Something out of the ordinary: Discovered the first sex-specific metabolite ever found in any species. Unfortunately for federal grant support, that metabolite was identified in blue crabs not people. Found a woman who would marry me.

Most inspiring teacher. (An unnamed coach gave me a very important lesson.) In life or a game, running the same play time after time without success will not improve its results.

High school memory: Beating Shake Heights in basketball using the weave 24 to 20. Singing in our senior class play, Zelda. Entering my first day of typing class and realizing that this was a great place to meet girls. Being proud to be a Bee.

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KlepsB-R.jpg (15480 bytes)


Tim Klodnick

Classmate: Tim Klodnick

Residence: Broadview Heights, Ohio

Spouse: Sherry Muckley ('65) (Married 34 years)

Children: 5 - Kent (48), Kurt (46), Keith (42),
Suzanne (41), David (38)

Grandchildren: 13 (Ages 3, 3, 5, 6, 11, 13, 14, 14, 15,16, 17, 19, 21)

Organizations: Officer in K.S.K.J. Slovenian Fraternal Organization; Cleveland Hiking Club

Hobbies: Hiking, basketball, softball, traveling.

Something out of the ordinary: Hiked the Inca Trail in Peru to Machu Picchu.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Hager in 6th grade.  He made school fun, and I looked forward to going to his class.

High school memory: Bob Dostal crawling out on the ceiling girders at the Cleveland Arena on a $20 bet from Owen Davidson.

Click here to view Tim's picture with his granddaughter

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KlodnickT-R.jpg (25664 bytes)


Chuck Knapper

Classmate: Chuck Knapper

Residence: Parma Heights, Ohio

Spouse: Mary Jo (Married 26 years)

Children: 3 - Ages 43, 38, 37

Grandchildren: 5 - Ages 15, 12, 10, 7, 4

Hobbies: Antique tractors, hit and miss gasoline engines, rail fan, model railroads.

Most inspiring teachers: Joe Vadini and Michael Nicoletti.


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Steve Knox

Classmate: Steve Knox

Residence: Wildwood, Missouri

Spouse: Donna (Married 14 years)

Children: 2 (Both graduated from Brunswick), Grandchildren: 5

Organizations: Past president in various homeowner boards, automotive service council committees, and automotive booster clubs.

Hobbies: Traveling to Europe, the Caribbean, and most every state in the U. S.  We snow ski and have been to most Colorado and Utah ski resorts.  Also scuba diving.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Nicoletti. His humor and understanding were excellent.  He made you want to succeed.   Also, Joe Vadini, teacher, coach, and friend.  You only get one real coach in life.  He was ours.  When I see him he always asks how life has been and how am I doing.

Something out of the ordinary: Skiing adventures and PADI scuba diving certification all started after my 50th birthday.  I raised two great children and married the love of my life 14 years ago.

High school memory: Art Mann and I going to homeroom class (Mr. Nicoletti's) the same day we both wore glasses for the first time.  Mike kept looking at us saying, "There is something different about you guys today.  You must be up to something."  It took him all day to realize it was the glasses.

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Fred Kohler

Classmate: Fred Kohler

Residence: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Spouse: Kay Ann Heemsoth (Married 45 years)

Children: 3 - Son (43) and Daughters (41 & 38)

Grandchildren: 2 (Ages 18, 13)

Interests: Woodworking, travel, and golf.

Something out of the ordinary: Teaching Nantucket style basket making classes traveling this year to Baltimore and St. Louis for teaching.


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Chuck Kopf

Classmate: Chuck Kopf

Residence: East Aurora, New York

Spouse: Pat (Married 20 years)

Interests: Automobile restoration.

Something out of the ordinary: I flunked out of Kent State twice and was readmitted and then was graduated. Kent's policy is to re-admit a student after one year, if they flunk out. I flunked out for the second time, yet they re-admitted me after I spent considerable time talking to the Dean and convincing him that if I was worth saving, if he re-admitted me one more time. Kent State University has NEVER re-admitted a student after flunking twice. I'm the only one. It took eight years (I draft dodged until my deferment ran out). I was graduated in December 1968 and was drafted in the Army in January of 1969.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Messaros.

High school memory: Hanging out at Turf's.

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kopfc-r.jpg (29694 bytes)


George Kostel

Classmate: George Kostel

Residence: Rockhill, South Carolina

Joanne Kubala

Classmate: Joanne (Kubala) Faucett

Residence: Seattle, Washington

Community: Habitat for Humanity, Ballard Food Bank.

Hobbies: Camping, fly fishing, hiking, gardening, traveling, macrobiotic, feldenkrais, baseball, football, mothering pets, and has served as a convener at the Highland Games of the Pacific Northwest.

Most inspiring teachers: Miss Fitting - she was interesting and not your average English teacher.  Also, Mr. Tucker - he created an encouraging atmosphere.

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KubalaJ-R.jpg (19157 bytes)


Margaret Leventry

Classmate: Margaret (Leventry) Meyers


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Kay Lewis

Classmate: Kay (Lewis) Simmons

Residences: Skillman (Princeton), New Jersey and
                 West Palm Beach, Florida

Spouse: Bob (Married 40 years)

Children: 3 - Sons 35, 34, and 32; 1 - daughter-in-law.

Community: Deacon in our church, YWCA board, Princeton Medical Center Board, Junior League, President of my sons' nursery school, elementary school, and high school.  Presently I am Executive VP of the ASME Auxiliary.

Hobbies: We love to travel and have been to Europe, Egypt, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Caribbean, and Australia.  We also enjoy cruises, especially to the Mediterranean.  I received the Outstanding Sustainer Volunteer Award from the Junior League of Greater Princeton.

Something out of the ordinary: I met my husband in Hong Kong.  He was on a submarine visiting Hong Kong, and I was there on a seven-city tour while teaching in Japan.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Nicoletti really taught me how to take notes in Government class, and that was a great help throughout my schooling.  Also, Miss Martin was always kind and interested in my life.

High school memory:  I loved the dances after the football and basketball games.  Of course the PJ parties were always fun that I attended or had at my house.

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LewisK-r.jpg (19364 bytes)


Rosemary Lid

Classmate: Rosemary (Lid) Peck

Residence: Ashtabula, Ohio

Spouse: Roger (Married 47 years)

Children: 4

Grandchildren: 9

Great Grandchildren: 8 (Ages 3, 4, 5, 6 on up)

Community: Involved with senior city group.  Deconees at church.

Hobbies: Painting - National Carousel Association.  Travel - have been to almost all states in the country.

Something out of the ordinary: I'm writing (and almost finished) a children's book.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Bailey, Miss Heinemann, and Mr. Vargo

High school memory: In the 7th grade gave Mr. Bailey a bunch of dandelions for his desk.

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LidR-R.jpg (38158 bytes)


Tony Lister

Classmate: Tony Lister

Residence: Ithaca, New York

Spouse: Susan Eymann (Married 15 years)

Children: 8 - Tony, Jr. (44), Julie (42), Jim (40),
Brewer (37), Tim (35), Tom (36), Barbie (31), Jane (27)

Grandchildren: 12 (Ages 20 to 1)

Community: Was head of a multi-church work group to sponsor Vietnam Boat People.

Interests: Music has been my enduring interest and avocation.  I have played rock tenor sax, classical flute, and am currently learning to play the Japanese bamboo flute called Shakuhachi.  My wife and I have been able to travel frequently, often as part of my wife's business.  We have visited Europe, Taiwan, Morocco, Peru, and many cities in the U. S. and Canada.  We love to travel.  I served churches as a Christian minister for 10 years, but have recently become more of a Buddhist in my spiritual life. I have been in the Mental Health field for 25 years and hopefully have helped some people to recover some lost capabilities. I have been married twice and feel blessed in my marriage to a wonderful woman.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Vargo in that I felt he really cared about his students.  Also, Miss Fitting was tough, but I did learn how to write from her.

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Sam Lombardo

Classmate: Sam Lombardo

Residence: Brecksville, Ohio

Theresa Long

Classmate: Theresa (Long) Van Dyke

Residence: Bandon, Oregon

Spouse: Don

Children: 3 step children, Jennifer (42), Martha (41), and David (38)

Community: Member and on board of Novato Branch AAUW, board of Marin (County) Women's Hall of Fame, Friends of Novato Youth Center, member and treasurer of Novato Music Association Chorus, life member of OSU Alumni.

Interests: I still love to cook and bake wedding and special occasion cakes and desserts, including making my own wedding cake in March 2010; flower arranging and interior decorating; I'm a world traveler to 50+ countries, every continent but Antarctica, and every state except Alabama with a planned trip there in fall of 2011; have taken many cruises; have been recognized as Employee of the month at Kaiser Santa Rosa, CA; and twice a Named Gift Honoree of Novato AAUW. I love to read, go to movies and live theater and enjoy singing most of all.

Something out of the ordinary: I went on to find a date and instead found my soul mate and extraordinary husband, Don. We were married on March 13, 2010 at Unity in Novato, CA.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Hetherington, the biology teacher, inspired the love of science and the increased the desire to study in the medical field. Also, Mr. Nicoletti was the best of teachers. His style piqued the interest of all and made his class fun as well. I still remember more about government than I ever thought possible.

High school memory: Being in class at 7:15 for the first 2 months of our senior year until we moved to the new school. I had Mr. Tucker's chorus that early in the morning and if you can sing at that time of day, you can do almost anything. I also remember doing a solo for the senior play of "Zelda"; trying to run up the hill from the athletic field to the locker room, shower, and make it to the next class on time; and the actual move to the new school.

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LongT-R.jpg (35933 bytes)

Hank Lukaszewski

Classmate: Hank Lukaszewski


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Art Mann

Classmate: Art Mann

Residence: Lithia, Florida

Spouse: Elaine Edgerton ('64) (Married 46 years)

Children: 3 sons and 1 daughter, Grandchildren: 5

Organizations: Board of director for Mary Martha House (shelter for abused women).

Hobbies: Hiking, wood working, construction design.  Traveled to all 50 states, Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Canada, and Europe.  Also playing the piano as my mother taught me from age 3.

Something out of the ordinary: Designed and built 8 houses from Ohio to Florida and the Smoky Mountains of Georgia.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Nicoletti who became the 1st of 3 mentors in my life.  Great communicator, personable, compassionate, motivating.  He had class and personality.

High school memory: 1960 gym class with Mr. Vadini.  He insisted all students have white shorts, white tee shirts, and white tennis shoes.  I can still see his face when Stan Baginski, Sam Broker, and I stood for inspection all dressed in PINK!

Click here to view a picture of Art's Family

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MannA-R.JPG (8562 bytes)


Jim Martin

Classmate: Jim Martin

Residence: Englewood, Florida

Spouse: Pat (Married 45 years)

Community: Board member homeowner's association.

Interests: boating, cruising, biking (motorcycle) skiing (lived in Colorado for 2 years, landscaping.

Something out of the ordinary: Completed boating circle tour around Florida.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Vadini - tough for fair.

High school memory: Denis Mlod and I wrestling lightweight (120 lbs.).


Click here to view Jim on his "Bike."

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MartinJ-R.jpg (17872 bytes)


Arlene Matsuoka

Classmate: Arlene (Matsuoka) Cole

Residence: Providence, Rhode Island

Spouse: Brian (Married 42 years)

Children: 2 (Geraldine and Elliot)



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Mary McAllister

Classmate: Mary (McAllister) LaCarte

Residence: Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Spouse: Jack (Married 45 years)

Children: 6 sons - John (44), Mike (43), Dave (42),
Joe (38), Dan (30), Thomas (deceased 1 year old)

Grandchildren: 11 (Ages 12 years to 21 months and one on the way)

Community: Charity Walk-A-Thons (American Heart Association and Susan G. Koman Walk for The Cure). Active in my church community and Y. M. C. A.

Interests: Proudest accomplishment - raising our sons and being involved with grandkids.  I sing in my church choir.  Had a memorable trip to Ireland with my sister and brother and their families.

Something out of the ordinary: In the 1970's we owned and operated a "feed lot" with over 2,000 head of beef cattle.  Where's the beef?  Now you know!

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Martin was a great teacher and coach.  I so admired her enthusiasm, school spirit, and pride in BHS. She taught us discipline and leadership.  Gym was my favorite class and with five boys later in life, athletics was a big part of it.  Miss Martin never missed a game.  She was our best cheerleader.

High school memory: Weekend cruising through Turfs, Drive-In theaters, Cheering our great athletic teams, pep-rallies, bonfires, coach Vadini inviting the cheerleaders to his house for breakfast Saturday mornings. After-Prom shows with our parents putting on a hilarious skit. Lunch at the center. Dairy Del.l (Whew, lots of memories!)

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Vic McCloskey

Classmate: Vic McCloskey

Residence: Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

Spouse: Sarah (Married 44 years)

Children: 2 - Son (40), Daughter (37)

Grandchildren: 2 (Ages 4 and 2)

Community: Active member of St. Paul's Wolfe's Evangelical Covenant Church, Harvest of Hope food Pantry volunteer, Board President of Hoffman Homes for Youth in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Interests: Travel by boat to and from Florida annually and winter on the boat in Ft. Myers, Florida.  Fishing, boating, kayaking and yard work take up most of my time.

Something out of the ordinary: Traveled 10,000 (almost 2 miles) below the surface of the earth to the bottom of a South African gold mine to investigate the feasibility of new air conditioning technology for the 140 degree ambient conditions. Visited the engine room in the rubble of the World Trade Center 3 days after the first bombing to aid in re-establishing air conditioning for the facility.

Most inspiring teacher: Jack Mercer whose rock solid principles were a guiding light for the future for many.

High school memory: The fun of Friday night football games and reporting the game for the Cleveland Press and Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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McCloskeyV-R.jpg (33772 bytes)


Rush McHugh

Classmate: Rush McHugh

Residence: Colorado

Laureen Metz

Classmate: Laureen (Metz) Beckler

Residence: North Royalton, Ohio

Spouse: Nate Beckler ('59) (Married 48 years)

Children: 4 sons (Ages 46, 43, 39, 30)

Grandchildren: 6 & 1/2 (5 girls ages 8, 7, 6, 6, 3;
1 boy age 2)  Our 7th (another girl) is due in August.

Hobbies: I like to travel whenever we can as so many of us do. I like photography on an amateur level. I love warm weather and swimming in lakes rather than pools.  We have renovated several homes, doing much of the labor ourselves. Our home was originally built in 1929 as a speakeasy on 15 acres of woods on Cady Road. We have kept 8 acres with our totally rebuilt contemporary home. We have been there 30 years and could tell stories about our sons' adventures while growing up.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Nicoletti. I believe that he took life as it came and everything wasn't always a crisis.   He made learning fun in his way. I also would have to say that Nancianne Martin instilled a respect for fairness and motivation to take care of ourselves physically.

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metzl-r.jpg (21294 bytes)


Janet Meyers

Classmate: Janet (Meyers) Brown

Residence: Madison, North Carolina

Spouse: Doug (Married 20 years)

Children: 2 - Daughter 45, Son 42

Grandchildren: 1 - (Age 9)

Community: Hospice volunteer.

Hobbies: Entertaining friends and family while remodeling an old farm house.

Something out of the ordinary: I went back to school at age 57 and became an acupuncturist. (Ouch!)

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Martin.  She taught us fair play and the love of the game whether we won or lost.

High school memory: Pajama parties at Meredith's house and having milk in the morning with lumps in it....but it sure was good milk.

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MeyersJ-R.jpg (29920 bytes)


Art Miller

Classmate: Art Miller

Residence: Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

Spouse: Anne (Married 45 years)

Children: 3 - Jennifer (40), Jason (34), and Jonny (32)

Grandchildren: 3+ (Ages 2, 2-month old twin boys, and one expecting in April)

Community: Chairman of the Board of Management of our local Presbyterian Church.  Also, active in the establishment of Tantramar Senior' College (50+) and served as its Vice President.  Taught computer and tennis courses to local seniors.

Interests: Tennis, bicycling, cross country skiing.  Competed in the Canada Senior Games winning a gold medal in 65+ mixed doubles and a bronze medal in 65+ men's doubles.  Other interests are carpentry, landscaping, and gardening.  "I'm a carpenter at heart, but I taught mathematics for a living."  My great grandfather was a farmer, a carpenter, and a math teacher, so I come by it naturally.

Something out of the ordinary: Started a software company in 1995 at the beginning of the Internet explosion being the sole supplier of Windows Internet software to NBTel - unfortunately to later be dumped when NBTel made a deal with Netscape.  "It was fun while it lasted."

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Sharon Miller

Classmate: Sharon (Miller) Topping

Residence: Bay Village, Ohio

Spouse: Ned (Married 39 years)

Hobbies: Cooking, refinishing antique furniture, working in yard, yoga, sailing.

Interests: Current events, camping, cats, alternative health, Curves

Accomplishments: Worked in IT for almost 40 years.

Something out of the ordinary: I consider the AFS student (class of 1974) who lived with my parents as my brother.  I have visited his family in Luxembourg and Germany several times.  His children all call me "aunt" and have come up to stay with us by themselves.  As a purser for Lufthansa Airlines, he flew all over the world but would ask for Detroit because we could drive up to see him.  He made over 30 trips to Detroit to see us before retiring last year!

Most inspiring teacher: Little did I know that Miss Heinemann's one semester typing class (on a manual typewriter no less) would change my life and make programming so much easier.  Miss Fitting taught me how to put ideas on paper in both senior English and creative writing classes which made college English easy by comparison.  It sure helped me produce a lot of technical documentation in my IT career.

High school memory: Going to school in the early morning first semester senior year until the new school on Mill Road was completed.  As long as I live, I'll never forget having to turn in the 4 X 6 note cards and outline weeks BEFORE Miss Fitting's senior English research paper was due.  Miss Fitting was tough but good!  I remember Gerda Priehn teaching us how to play German hopscotch with flat stores.

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Bill Miller

Classmate: Bill Miller


Bill passed away on January 3, 2003.


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Denis Mlod

Classmate: Denis Mlod


Denis passed away on March 12, 2002.

Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Jim Morris

Classmate: Jim Morris

Residence: Medina, Ohio, and Philippine Islands

Spouse: Rosenda (Married 12 years)

Children: 7 (2 graduating from BBHHS); Grandchildren: 1

Hobbies: Woodworking, running a sawmill, raising pigs, cutting firewood.  Traveling the Philippines and Columbia, South America.

Most inspiring teacher: Admiral Jack Mercer - great teacher and track coach. Started me out in my career in the U. S. Navy Submarine Service.

High school memory: Mrs. Leventry and Brooklyn Invitation Relays 1961.

Something out of the ordinary: Scraped the bottom of the ocean floor in a submarine and returned to talk about it.

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MorrisJ-R.jpg (27490 bytes)


Alec Morrison

Classmate: Alec Morrison

Residence: Hinckley, Ohio

Spouse: Sandy Gossage ('64) (Married 45 years)

Children: 3 sons (Ages 44, 42, and 37)

Grandchildren: 3 Granddaughters (Ages 23, 16, 7)

Great Grandchildren: 1 Girl (3)

Community: Board President of Medina County Caregivers. Chair - Case Advisory Board.

Hobbies: Scuba diving.

Accomplishments: Case Western Reserve University Alumni of the Year 2003.

Something out of the ordinary: Did a tented safari in Africa.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Phillips, English.  He showed real trust in students.

High school memory: Marching band at football games was the best, but then there was Mr. Beck's Geometry class also.

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June Mullaney

Classmate: June (Mullaney) Brown

Residence: Treasure Island, Florida

Spouse: Ken (Married 35 years)

Children: 4

Grandchildren: 1

Organizations: Treasure Island Islettes and All Children's Hospital.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Nicoletti.

High school memory:   Cheerleading and sports.


Click here to view June with her new Granddaughter

Click here to view June's Biography


Bill Musolf

Classmate: Bill Musolf

Residence: Spencer, Ohio

Spouse: Barbara (Married 21 years)

Children: 2 - Son (44) and Daughter (42)

Grandchildren: 7 (Ages 13, 11, 11, 9, 9, 9, 7)

Interests: Enjoy working my draft horse team, riding horses, and flying antique airplanes from the grass airstrip on our farm in Medina County, Ohio.

Something out of the ordinary: Flying an open cockpit bi-plane I had purchased in Fresno, California, back home to our farm in Ohio.

Most inspiring teacher: After watching so many of my college classmates struggle with freshman English, I am most grateful for the instruction I received from Helen Fitting.


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Gayle Newman

Classmate: Gayle (Newman) Girtman

Residence: Yellville, Arkansas

Rosanna Nicoletti

Classmate: Rosanna (Nicoletti) Briscar

Residence: Parma, Ohio

Spouse: Richard (Married 45 years)

Children: 2 - Nancy Martel (44) and Curt Briscar (40)

Grandchildren: 7 - (Ages 20, 19, 18, 15, 14, 13, 4)

Great-Grandchildren: 2 - (Ages 2 and 12 months)

Interests: Crafts, ceramics, cooking.  Traveling to New England, Mid Atlantic States, and West Coast.

Something out of the ordinary: Upon graduation Sue Schmid and myself and another friend boarded a Greyhound bus and headed to California where we spent 2 months seeing all the sights and having a great time.

Most inspiring teacher: Admiral Jack Mercer - he was an exceptional teacher and gave me the motivation to challenge myself and do the best work in every task he gave us.  Then to take that challenge and apply it to life.

High school memory: Friendships, dances, and of course, the senior prom.

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NicolettiR-R.jpg (10275 bytes)


Dennis O'Braitis

Classmate: Dennis O'Braitis

Residence: Woodstock, Illinois

Spouse: Joanie (Married 47 years)

Children: 2 - Barbra (45), Bob (43)

Grandchildren: 2 - Brittany (16), Madison (15)

Community: Commodore Kenosha Yacht Club, 20 years as captain of escort boat for Kenosha Blessings of the Fleet. Our boat led the "Tall Ships" armada arrival in 2008.  volunteer captain and boat for "One Day at a Time" Children's Cancer Camp that provides a fun day on Lake Michigan.

Interests: Combined my passions of the Great Lakes and woodworking to rebuild and cruise two classic wooden boats.  Retired from corporate America at 50 to enjoy farming, fishing, and boating on the Great Lakes.  I own a Masters license of Inland Seas and have an instrument rated pilots license. I also worked the bridge of an ocean liner passing through the Panama Canal. Spent a week last year with my son, Bob, Tarpon and Bone fishing in the Flats of Belize.

Something out of the ordinary: My wife Joan and I have lived for 30 years (still do) on a "Calf to Finish" cattle farm just 50 miles from the Chicago Loop. Sold off the herd in 2010.  Won best of show for woodworking 2 years in a row.

Most inspiring teacher:  Jack Mercer, Sophomore World History.  He taught us that all of life is a series of choices - some easier than others, but still choices.  He left us with a passion for politics and "The Other Side of the Story."

High school memory: Spending a lot of time listening to the "Fabulous 50's" brings back a flood of memories of dances and parties at the old gym!

Click here to view Dennis' Biography



Barbara Ondrey

Classmate: Barbara (Ondrey) Anderson

Updated 2016

Residence: Daytona Beach Shores, Florida

Spouse: Gary (Married 41years)

Children: 2 (Anthony 40, Christina 37)

Grandchildren (4): Ages 4,2,1, and 3 months

Community involvement: Participated in the COP (Citizens on Patrol) Program in Daytona Beach.  Also worked as a volunteer with the Daytona Beach Police Department in criminal investigation.

Interests: Boating, walking, and traveling. Widely traveled to every continent and over 100 countries.   We travel at least once a year with Vantage Travel, and we also enjoy taking cruises.

Something out of the ordinary: I was a maid of honor in a traditional African wedding ceremony in a village in Tanzania.  This ceremony performed by the village elder consisted of dressing in African garments and carrying a live baby goat for a sacrifice (now only a symbolic gesture). The couple who marred were Americans that we had just met while on a safari in Kenya, and we became good friends and travel companions ever since.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Heinemann gave me the best training for life after high school. She drilled typing and shorthand into my brain. I didn't like shorthand, but I am still able to use it when needed.

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Jack Pate

Classmate: Jack Pate

Residence: Akron, Ohio

Spouse: Pat (Married 45 years)

Children: 2 - John (41), Shelley (38)

Grandchildren: 2 (Ages 12 and 9)

Community: Coached football and baseball.

Hobbies: Golf, travel to Florida every year.   My main interest is "The Lord is my light and my salvation."

Something out of the ordinary: Sponsored a race car.  In 1963 hitch-hiked with Bob Gauntner to Gunnison Colorado to visit Tim Klodnick and meet Bob and Jack Dostal who were also there.   Spent a week with Tim then went to Las Vegas for two weeks and on to California before returning to Brecksville.

Most inspiring teachers: Joe Vadini, Jerry Becker, Jack Mercer, Ed Sustersic

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PateJ-R.jpg (41383 bytes)


Joyce Pekar

Classmate: Joyce (Pekar) Kelling


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Kathy Pilarczyk

Classmate: Kathy (Pilarczyk) Fisher

Residence: Toledo, Ohio

Children: 4

Grandchildren: 8

Interests: My cat Silly and my dog Annie - also computers and anything outdoors.

The best part of my life are the wonderful people around me, whether they are here or in the life beyond - parents, husband, kids, and grandkids are beyond belief.

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PilarczykK-R.jpg (11913 bytes)


Bob Polak

Classmate: Bob Polak

Residence: Richfield, Ohio

Spouse: Mary Lou (Married 44 years)

Children: 2 Sons (Ages 40 and 38)

Grandchildren: 5 (Ages 9, 9, 9, 7, 7)

Community: Volunteer at St. Augustine Heal Center.

Hobbies: Gardening, hiking, auto mechanics.

Most inspiring teachers: John Turk and Steve Vargo.

High school memory: Being punched in the shoulder by teacher Ed Sustersic for kicking the '59 Ford Drivers' Training car into passing gear.

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Mary Lou Polgar

Classmate: Mary Lou (Polgar) Fukacz


Mary Lou passed away on July 13, 2008.

Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Howard Popowski

Classmate: Howard Popowski

Residence: Galloway, Ohio

Spouse: Judy (Married 47 years)

Children: 1 (age 45), Grandchildren: 2 (ages 22 & 18)

Hobbies: Published 3 novels and several thousand articles, columns and compilations.  Fifer with the Camp Chase Fifes and Drums since 1982.  Four CD's for which I did the tune notes.

Something out of the ordinary: Marched in the Carter and 2nd Reagan Inaugurals.  Works with the National Park Service from 1973 - 1989 on public presentations of historic events from 1757 - 1898.

Most inspiring teachers: Jack Mercer and John Tucker.  They left me with an unquenchable love of history and music.

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Popowski H2-R.jpg (17380 bytes)


Gerda Priehn

Classmate: Gerda (Priehn) Hook

Residence: Palm Desert, California

Spouse: Samuel Scott (Married 11 years)

Community involvement: Serve on board of BigBrothersBigSisters of the Desert, Riverside County Historical Commission, guest reporter for The Desert Sun, do consulting for numerous nonprofit clients in Southern California, active in St. Margaret's Episcopal church. Sam and I are members of Desert Riders, the oldest social club in the desert.

Hobbies: My horse and I are training in classical dressage.  We enjoy our cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Flat Rock, North Carolina.  My personal favorite is the central coast of Oregon whale-watching.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Phillips - not so much for what he taught me but for allowing me to experience being good at something.

High school memory: Miss Fitting's senior English class - never a dull moment with her at center stage.

Something out of the ordinary: Entering college on an academic scholarship nine years after arriving in the U.S.  It certainly validates the Brecksville school system.

Click here to view Gerda's Band Pictures

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PriehnG-R.jpg (35531 bytes)


Mary Lu Reardon

Classmate: Mary Lu (Reardon) Richings

Residence: Stockbridge, Georgia

Spouse: Ken (Married 40 years)

Children: 1 son (Age 38), 2 stepdaughters (Ages 54 and 49), and 1 stepson (deceased)

Interests: Reading, especially historical novels.  Travel - since my husband is from England, we have made many trips to the United Kingdom and Ireland.  We have also made several trips to Australia and New Zealand as well as many U. S. cities.  Other destinations include city towers in Toronto, Sydney, Auckland, Vancouver, Seattle, and the London Post Office.

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Nicoletti - a good history teacher, and he prepared us for civic duty awareness.  Also, Miss Heinemann, who taught me to type for which I am very thankful.

High school memory:  Going to the new high school building.

Click here to view Mary Lu's Biography


Nancy Rickmers

Classmate: Nancy (Rickmers) Hall

Residences: Wasilla, Alaska and San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

Spouse: Gary

Children: 3 - Jared (33), Marla (32), Bill (31)

Grandchildren: 1 - Jason (10)

Community: Wasilla city council, Youth court advisory council, Mat Su Borough Business and Technology Advisory, Grant writer Dorothy Page Museum, Rotary, Community Development Advisory Board HUD, Pueblo, Colorado.

Hobbies: Traveling to western Europe, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Italy Panama, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, all 50 U.S. States, most of Canadian provinces, Mexico.  Also, oil painting, charcoal sketching, gardening.

Something out of the ordinary: Worked in a VD clinic tracing contacts.  Repossessed collateral on an Indian Reservation.  Bought and lived on an Argentina vineyard.

Most inspiring teacher: Mrs. Saunders

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RickmersN-R.jpg (14960 bytes)


Barb Russell

Classmate: Barb (Russell) DeVries

Residence: Ridgecrest, California

Spouse: Larry (Married 40 years)

Children: 5 - (3 daughters, 2 sons) his, hers, and ours (Ages 48, 47, 46, 45, 39)

Grandchildren: 14 - (Ages 24, 24, 21, 21, 19, 17, 16, 16, 15, 14, 12, 12, 11, 9, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1)

Great Grandchildren: 6 (Ages 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1)

Community: Swimming instructor, First Aid instructor, Relay for Life co-leader, Evangelism Speaker, Tea Party Member and Advocate.

Interests: Helping family and friends. Reading music, stained glass, crocheting, travel in our motor home around the U. S. including Alaska and, by air, Hawaii.

Accomplishments,  Set up the first Earn Value Management system (EVM) within the Navy which included both the Navy and Air Force.  It was the forerunner of a NAVAIR-wide EVM System put into place 10 years later.

Something out of the ordinary: Was the first woman ever to be mistress of ceremonies at a formal high ranking male official's retirement party, sparring with Admirals and Captains while doing it entirely in the round.  It was touted as the most exciting retirement part ever by all including the honoree.  Even the ADM/Head of NAVAIR loved it.

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Nicoletti is the most memorable.  In 1961 he gave us a lot to consider, much of which is relevant in today's world.

High school memory: I remember when Kris Towner swallowed a pin.

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RussellB-R.jpg (39213 bytes)


Dave Sahley

Classmate: Dave Sahley


Dave passed away on December 5, 2004

Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Joan Samson

Classmate: Joan Sampson


Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


SancoJ-G_rs.jpg (16878 bytes)

Julie Sanco

Classmate: Julie Sanco

Residence: Leland, Michigan

Community: Women's Civic Club, President - Lamplighters, Land Cleelanad Conservancy, Old art building projects, wildflower rescue - Garden Club, Leland Yacht Club, Leland Country Club.

Interests: World travel, art activities, shows, fundraisers, book club, golf, tennis, volleyball, and biking.

Something out of the ordinary: I had my picture taken with two Presidents, rode a camel in the outback in Australia, caught a piranha on the Amazon, ran a dogsled in Alaska, and saw many fine art museums like The Hermitage, Louvre, and Prado.

Most inspiring teachers: Mrs. Bailey - she encouraged me to compete in the speech contest to be our commencement speaker.  The experience made me a better teacher.

High school memory: I made a lot of dance decorations, was in a play Oh Charley, and senior musical.   Loved GAA.

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SancoJ-R.jpg (24001 bytes)


Dick Scharff

Classmate: Dick Scharff


Dick passed away on September 18, 2007.

Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


Susan Schmid

Classmate: Susan (Schmid) Loughry

Residence: Richfield, Ohio

Spouse: Ham (Married 22 years)

Children: 3/3 Step - Jon (44), Chris (41), Jennifer (39)/ John (48), Amy (45), Mark (43)

Grandchildren: 13 - Ages 22, 19, 17, 16, 15, 15, 13, 13, 13, 12, 10, 9

Community: Secretary for Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Volunteers (10 years), Secretary for Richfield Historical Society (4 years).  recently received recognition for 1,000 hours for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Service and 3,500 hours for Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

Interests: Hiking, gardening, reading, sewing, cooking, painting, traveling.

Something out of the ordinary: Ham and I created a GrandKids Camp each year for 10 years to teach our grandchildren survival skills while having fun. We also had many family themed reunions with a lot of special memories. Helped and supported daughter Jen participate in previous paralympic games. She is currently training and competing for the USA position in the 2012 Paralympics to be held in London. She will be sailing a Skud.  Check out Jen French by clicking on the J2 Racing USA website at

Most inspiring teachers: Mr. Mercer, Mr. Nicoletti, Miss Heinemann.

High school memory: Watching Mr. Mercer loose his temper while his face turned several shades of red. We had a young female teacher who was petrified if there was a fly or insect in the room. Moving to the new high school.  Love having graduated in a year that can be read upside down.

Click here to view Susan Schmid's GrandKids Camp

Click here to view Susan's Biography


Joanne Schroeder

Classmate: Joanne (Schroeder) Smith

Residence: Medina, Ohio

Children: 2 - Kris (40), Mark (38)

Grandchildren: 4 - Maia (5) adopted from China,
Kyle (4), Luke (2), and Delaney (9 months)

Community: Church choir and serve on various committees, volunteer at Raptor Center, the SPCA, and American Heart Association.

Hobbies: Vintage greeting cards (sell them at a local antique shop), landscaping, scrapbooking, reading, photography, genealogy.

Something out of the ordinary: Completed the Cleveland Marathon at age 45.  Also, worked with hawks, owls, and eagles.

Most inspiring teacher: 10th Grade English taught me the value of vocabulary.

High school memory: Trips to the athletic field and back for gym class.  Torture indeed!


Click here to view Joanne's Biography

Jim Schwarz

Classmate: Jim Schwarz

Residence: Allyn, Washington

Children: 2 (Ages 45 and 40)

Grandchildren: 4 (Ages 18, 16, 14, and 11)

Community: Tacoma & Arizona Banjo Bands, Rotary Club member.

Hobbies: Ballroom dancing, bicycling, motorcycling, golf, radio controlled planes and helicopters, trap and skeet shooting, tennis, playing banjo and trumpet, recognized by Ohio's Governor, U. S. Senators, and Ohio State Legislature for career in public service.

Something out of the ordinary: Played in both the Tacoma, Washington, and Arizona banjo bands.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Lyman, principal of Wallings Road Elementary.  She was way ahead of her time in recognizing the ability of students and structuring studies to keep them challenged.

High school memory: Nice people and good friends.

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SchwarzJ-R.jpg (14648 bytes)


Kathie Senft

Classmate: Kathie (Senft) Svoboda Hanna

Residence: Brunswick, Ohio

Children: 3 - Ages 48, 46, and 39.

Grandchildren: 14 - Ages 22, 20, 20, 19, 18, 18, 17, 15, 14, 14, 12, 12, 4, and 2.

Community: Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Red Cross swimming lesson teacher, Park Department volunteer, Ohio State money manager

Hobbies: Line dancing, scuba diving, traveling in the
U. S. as well as Italy, Israel, Mexico, and Aruba.

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SenftK-R.jpg (24946 bytes)


Dan Sherick

Classmate: Dan Sherick

Residence: Livonia, Michigan

Char Slifko

Classmate: Char (Slifko) Kaminski

Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Ada Smith

Classmate: Ada (Smith) Pollock

Residence: Hudson, Ohio

Spouse: James (Married 41 years)

Children: 4 - Xela (37), Ben (34), Sarah (31), Jeremy (27)

Grandchildren: 6 - Camryn (4), Aiden (4), Jordan (3), Eilidh (5), Evan (1), Lauren (1)

Community: Twinsburg Garden Club, Family Resource Center - Northfield Baptist Church.

Interests: I've visited and/or lived in over 40 countries.  When single, I had an opportunity to travel around South America on my own.  I continually take courses in areas of interest like marine biology, horticulture, ceramics, etc.

Something out of the ordinary: I "ran" class 5 rapids in New Zealand (in my old age).  I lived in 3 tribal areas of the Amazon when I was a temporary partner for Bible translators.  Also, I studied Chinese (last fall) in preparation for a trip to China.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Helen Fitting - good English prep for college and inspired me to visit Stonehenge (by bike from London)

High school memory: Involved in writing our class play - Zelda.

Click here to view Ada's Biography



Carolyn Soucek

Classmate: Carolyn (Soucek) Linkhorn

Residence: Cleveland, Ohio

Spouse: Craig (Married 42 years)

Children: 3 - Karen (47), Michael (45), Susan (39)

Grandchildren: 2 - Benjamin (18) (Graduated BBHHS 2010), Nicholas (14)

Accomplishments: Kamm's Corner certificate of recognition (2000), yard beautification award, member N. E. Ohio Hosta Club

Hobbies, Interests: Gardening, golf, bingo, casino gambling, travel in the U. S. and Canada, movies, theater, reading mystery novels and true crime, making renderings of hostas in acrylics, watercolor, pen and ink, and pastels.

Something out of the ordinary: Paddling a raft on the Galley River.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Heinemann - her dedication to training us in office skills helped me obtain my first job as a secretary to Dean Gubitz at Ohio University.

High school memory: I enjoyed working in the bookstore at the old high school.  I also put the stars on the football helmets during study hall for Coach Vadini.  As it turned out, I met Coach Vadini years later at my cousins wedding.  Also, he is the uncle of my former boss at the teamsters.

Click here to view Carolyn's Biography

Tim Spieth

Classmate: Tim Spieth


Click here to view Tim's Biography

Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)


John Stolarski

Classmate: John Stolarski

DECEASED: September 15, 2014


Spouse: Theresa Gordos

Children: 2 - Mark and Holly

Grandchildren: 1 - Nick

Accomplishments: I feel my greatest accomplishments are my two great children and one fantastic grandson!

Most inspiring teacher: Mr. Beck, our math teacher.

High school memory: Winning the chariot race.  My teammates were my brother Ken and Jim Zelasko.


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Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)

Jill Street

Classmate: Jill (Street) Schweikert

Residence: Brecksville, Ohio

Dave Strelow

Classmate: Dave Strelow

Residence: Findlay, Ohio

Bob Svoboda

Classmate: Bob Svoboda

Residence: Prescott, Michigan

Annick Tamboise

Classmate: Annick Tamboise

Whereabouts Unknown

Annick was an exchange student from France our senior year.  We are unable to locate her.

Kris Towner

Classmate: Kris (Towner) Kohl

Residence: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Spouse: Jack Kohl ('57) (Married 45 years)

Children: 3 daughters - Katie (40), Jen (38), Laurel (35)

Grandchildren: 7 - (Ages 9, 7, 6, 4, 4, 3, 1)

Community: Trustee Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Trustee Cleveland Sight Center.

Hobbies: Wife, Mom, Grandmother, Watercolor Painter, Gardener, Traveler.

Greatest Accomplishment: We raised three daughters who married great guys and have wonderful families.

Something out of the ordinary: Stayed married for 45 years to the same guy!

Most inspiring teachers: Miss Fitting taught me the value of hard work. Joe Vadini, Gerry Becker, Mr. Beck, Mr. Nicoletti, Mr. Vargo, and Mr. Mercer were great role models. They were terrific coaches and teachers. Nancianne Martin made life fun and helped me understand the value of team building. And I never sit down at the computer but what I don't thank Miss Heinemann!

High school memory: So many wonderful memories~ friends, teachers, mentors, classes, study halls, pep rallies, bonfires, games, twin twirls, proms, after proms, kings and queens, come as you are parties, overnights, 45's, dates, plays, class night, graduation.

Click here to view Kris' Biography


TownerK-RCR.jpg (15045 bytes)


Linda Treadon

Classmate: Linda (Treadon) Woehrman

Residence: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Diane Vallance

Classmate: Diane (Vallance) Davis

Whereabouts Unknown

Pat Valvoda

Classmate: Pat (Valvoda) Cartellone

Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Karen Van Belleghem

Classmate: Karen (Van Belleghem) Murany

Residence: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Spouse: Andy (Married 42 years)  Andy passed away in November, 2008, from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Children: 2 (Ages 40 and 37)

Grandchildren: 5 (Ages 9, 8, 7, 4, 1)

Community: Church, ALS of Michigan, committee work at Oakland Community College.

Interests: Water sports: swimming, water skiing and boating. Downhill skiing and exercise through swimming, walking and aerobics. Traveling within the U. S. and several countries abroad. Spending time with grandchildren. I enjoy spending time in Ludington, Michigan (on the west side of the state) at our cottage. The area offers Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake, the dunes, a working lighthouse, and a state park with beautiful hiking trails, a dam, beach and river.

Something out of the ordinary: I met my husband Andy on spring break in Daytona Beach my junior year in college.

Most inspiring teacher: Having been on the other side of the desk for my career, I truly appreciate the fine teachers that we had in the Brecksville School system.  Many of them have inspired me in different areas.  Mr. Hagar (6th grade) treated us to those "Fun Friday" afternoons with extra recess; Mr. Bailey (8th grade) Ohio History taught me that giving away an answer was just as dishonest as copying an answer; Miss Martin taught me sportsmanship and the importance of participation and being physically active; Mr. Beck & Mr. Vargo made math fun and gave me the skills to pursue math as my life's career.

High school memory: I looked forward to attending the dances after the Friday night basketball and football games, especially if we won.

Bourne farm memories: In answer to Meredith's request for memories of the Bourne farm, I have many from 3rd grade on.  I remember Meredith's father teaching me how to milk a cow; riding a cow; and Mr. Bourne yelling at us because we rode the cows so fast that we "churned their milk!"  Also, swinging off the rope in the hay loft, p. j. parties in the barn, hay rides in the fall, getting thrown by Meredith's horse Sonny, and, of course, Mrs. Bourne's strawberry-rhubarb sauce.

Click here to view Karen's Pictures

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Joanne Vlasak

Classmate: Joanne (Vlasak) Collins

Residence: Fort Meyers, Florida

Spouse: Bill (Married 31 years)

Children: 1 son

Grandchildren: 2 (ages 5 & 13)

Hobbies: Cruising, gambling, stained glass.

Something out of the ordinary: Finished college in 1994.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Fitting.  She taught me the importance of proper grammar and writing skills.

High school memory: Miss Martin's gym classes in the central school when we had to travel down to the football stadium and try to make it back up the hill and always shower before making it to the next class.  Pure torture.

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VlasakJ-R.jpg (38226 bytes)


Lewis Vyrostek

Classmate: Louis Vyrostek

Residence: Pierpont, Ohio

Judy Watts

Classmate: Judy (Watts) Smith


Judy passed away on August 2, 2009.

Spouse: Richard (Married 44 years)

Children: 2

Grandchildren: 1




Click here for a tribute to Judy

Click here to view Judy's Biography

Judy passed away in August of 2009.  Click link at left to read a tribute from her husband Richard.

Julian Weglarz

Classmate: Julian Weglarz

Residence: Tampa, Florida

Spouse: Janet Trinidad (Married 4 years)

Children: 1 Daughter (32)

Community: Work with feeding the homeless, caring for migrant farm workers, missionary work with orphans.

Interests: Hydroponic gardening, solar energy development programs for agriculture; traveled the entire Middle East and many parts of Asia; certified diamond appraiser and precious gemstone collector.

Something out of the ordinary: Naval officer for 28 years (now retired).

Most inspiring teacher: Dr. Tucker.  He gave me a true appreciation for music and the patience to perform.

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WeglarzJ-R.jpg (19763 bytes)


Sandy Westhead

Classmate: Sandy (Westhead) MacKenzie

Residence: Redmond, Washington

Children: 3 (Ages 47, 45, and 42)

Grandchildren: 11 (Ages 20, 18, 14, 12, 12, 11, 8, 6, 6, 5, and 1)

Community: I have directed non-profit organizations, the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce, the Seattle/King county Humane Society and ASPCA, the Seattle Aquarium.

Hobbies: Wood carving, reading, gardening. I have trained dogs for obedience, show ring, search and rescue, and as command attack dog.

Something out of the ordinary: In the past ten years I have become active in emergency training for my local community.  Known as CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) is designed to assist with citizen survival during a disaster.  Our direction comes under Homeland Security and the National Citizen Corps plus our local fire department.  Also, disaster/earthquake preparedness is critical for Washingtonians.

High school memory: At the new high school I used to hide my mom's car in the barn/garage just to the right of the school driveway.  Rules were that we couldn't drive, so quite a few of us used the old barn for parking.  We even used branches to cover up the door.  I don't know how we didn't get caught, but it's time for the other culprits to fess up - even if the principal attends the reunion.

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WhitneyM-G_rs(new).jpg (41923 bytes)

Mike Whitney

Classmate: Mike Whitney

Residence: Hayesville, North Carolina

Spouse: Shelagh (Married 27 years)

Great Grandchildren: 3

Community involvement: I write a column for the local weekly paper, Clay County Progress.

Hobbies: Music and writing short stories.

Something out of the ordinary: Helped bring alcohol to Clay County for the first time in 60 years.   Shelagh was also a major part of the campaign.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Messaros.  She listened when I was going through tough times.

High school memory: Homecoming game, scored three times and gained 397 yards running (or was it 297?).

Click here to view Mike's Band Pictures
and Mike and his wife Shelagh

Click here to view Mike's Biography

WhitneyM-R.jpg (13375 bytes)


Judy Wilson

Classmate: Judy (Wilson) Black

Residence: Pacifica, California

Spouse: Tom Black ('58) (38 years)

Children: 3 daughters (Ages 46, 44, 41)

Grandchildren: 4 (2 grandsons 23, 19; boy and girl twins age 13)

Organizations: Serve on my condo association board.

Something out of the ordinary: I lived in Wales and England for three years.

Most inspiring teacher: Miss Fitting.  She taught me to write and the proper use of grammar.  I never could have written the curriculum for my school without those tools.  Thanks goodness I didn't have to use light green paper.

High school memory: Marching from the old high school down Stadium Drive to the home football games and the sock hops after the games.

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Cindy Winter

Classmate: Cindy (Winter) Mason

Residence: Kennewick, Washington

Children: 2 - Kimberly Elliott (46), Matthew Mandell (41)

Grandchildren: 5 - Ages 26, 23, 17, 16, 9

Great Grandchildren: 1 - Age 2-1/2

Community: Agricultural Education Board for 2 local high schools, Senior Warden for St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Master Gardener at Washington State University.

Hobbies: I love to sew and spend lots of time in the garden - also travel around the Pacific Northwest. In the spring I give a lot of garden talks and teach some classes for Master Gardeners and Community Education.

Something out of the ordinary: I went back to school as a non-traditional student working for the college as a resident hall director. To do this I lived with 156 college age women for 6 1/2 years.

Most inspiring teacher: Admiral Jack Mercer. He taught us the importance of cause and effect and how to study for pop quizzes.

High school memory: I shared a locker with Judy (Wilson) Black and several musical instruments all through school with no locks on our lockers and stayed friends.

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Sandy Wolfarth

Classmate: Sandy (Wolfarth) Tiderman


 Memoriam.jpg (20464 bytes)

Jim Womer

Classmate: Jim Womer

Residence: San Antonio, Texas

Children: 2 - Daughter (38), Son (36)

Grandchildren: 2 (Ages 11 and 7)

Community: Attempt to minimize number of gun battles with local law enforcement.  They don't fight fair and have more guns than I do.

Interests: Driving my Miata sports car - shoe-horned into a turbocharger.  It's lots of fun knocking off kids in their 5.0 Mustangs.  I've also restored a couple of motorcycles then sold them after I got "T-Boned" by a truck in the early 80's.

Something out of the ordinary: After my retirement, I managed to survive a botched total knee replacement that led to staph infections and eventually amputation of my right leg above the knee.  I'm now learning how to drive a prosthetic leg.  It's harder than it looks.

Most inspiring teacher: Coach Joe Vadini - he taught me that life usually isn't fair.  Also, Miss Fitting who taught me to look for the beauty in it anyway.

High school memory: Laird Daubenspeck and I water-ballooned a young man and his date in the park one night.  It was a good that he was preoccupied with other things rather than venting his wrath on us.

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Karen Wood

Classmate: Karen (Wood) Jeske

Residence: Malverne, Ohio

Spouse: Alan (Married 32 years)

Children: 2 (Sheri, age 49, and Sandee deceased at age 34 in 2005)

Grandchildren: 6 (Ages 22, 19, 13, 11, 7, newborn)

Community: Lake Mohawk Board of Directors; St Paul's Lutheran Church Finance Committee Chairman; Malvern rotary secretary-treasurer; St. Luke's Assisted Living Stearing committee; Habitat for Humanity Volunteer; Advisor for 4 chapters of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

Interests: Boating, waterskiing, swimming; travel to Germany, Austria, Dominican Republic; MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) 15-year member.

Something out of the ordinary: Ballroom dancing competition - 1st place in state swing competition; 1st female member of Malvern Rotary; Sports car competition (Triumph Spitfire); Sports Car Club of America National Timing and Scoring License.

Most inspiring teachers: Miss Heinemann developed my interest in typing and respect for accuracy.  Miss Fitting - love of culture.

High school memory: "Coketail" parties before the dances; working on float at Meredith Bourne's; Margie Keller singing Sentimental Journey; Senior Musical participation.

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YarianP-G_rs.jpg (29359 bytes)

Pat Yarian

Classmate: Pat (Yarian) Gray

Residence: Topock, Arizona

Children: 2 - Son (46), Daughter (42)

Grandchildren: 2 Girls (Ages 11 and 13)

Interests: My primary interest has been my work -  driving large trucks.

Most inspiring teacher: Nancianne Martin


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Tony Zalinski

Classmate: Tony Zalinski


Tony passed away on February 13, 1999.

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Niki Zanetic

Classmate: Niki (Zanetic) Bouland

Residence: Ocala, Florida

Larry Zeal

Classmate: Larry Zeal

Residence: Medina, Ohio

Spouse: Nancy (Married 40 years)

Children: 2 Sons (Ages 39 and 37)

Community: Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Council #4168 Medina.  Also involved with several civic groups in Medina and currently Head of the Renewal Team at St. Francis Xavier Church in Medina.  Head of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Interests: Golf, fishing, and travel.  My wife and I have been fortunate to be able to do a lot of traveling.



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Sue Zwolinski

Classmate: Sue (Zwolinski) Austin

Residence: Richfield, Ohio

Spouse: Dave Austin ('59) (Married 47 years)

Children: 3 (Ages 41, 43, 45)

Grandchildren: 9 (Ages 4,6,8,8,13,16,18,22,23)

Great Grandchildren: 1 on the way

Hobbies: Dolls, cruises to the Mediterranean, Amtrak train trips over the country.

Most inspiring teachers: Miss Martin and Mr. Nicoletti

High school memory: I thought learning how to type was one of the coolest things ever.

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